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Saturated Outer Space is a turn-based tactical adventure in the  boundless universe. Extinguish fires, remove obstacles, eliminate enemies - do whatever it takes to rescue those in trouble!

You are the Commander of a squad working on the Salvation Operating Service. The primary task is to rescue galaxy citizens in distress and obliterate all emerging threats.

During missions you will encounter hostile cyborgs, space pirates and even an impending biological menace - the intelligent Fungi Hivemind striving to destroy all of the living!

Besides the sentient danger there are fire hazards, obstructions, blocked doors, hacked security systems to deal with in order to get on to survivors and hostages.

Level up skills of your squad, manage limited resources, upgrade the gear and prepare your equipment in order to save the universe!

Main features:

  • Narrative rich storyline in the best traditions of Sci-Fi
  • Stealth and assault ways to complete handmade levels
  • Characters with unique combat skills, distinctive traits and unbounded ambitions
  • Сyborgs, mutants, predatory mycelium, space cannibals and other threats awaits
  • Boss fights with special game tactics
  • Rescuing is not so easy - protect hostages, guard their health, escort them to EVAC-zones
  • Dramatic consequences of your decisions - choose who will be saved and who will be left behind
  • Different endings depending on your playstyle and choices made

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